Way to your spirit

A Beautiful journey to take


The Idea

We wanted to create a wine with a soul, that would represent truly traditional Georgian feast "Supra" - intangible part of Georgian social culture  and our heritage


Handpicked Grapes

Georgia is the oldest wine regions in the world, with at least 8000 years of winemaking. the traditions of wine are considered entwined with and inseparable from the national identity

The best variety of grapes were chosen from more than 400 traditional varieties of the historical center of Georgian winemaking Kakheti


Inspired By


In the process of wine label creation, we have dived into the history of Georgian Art and found the sparkle of inspiration in the paintings of famous Georgian naïve painter Niko Pirosmani -  simply referred to as Nikala (ნიკალა) (1862–1918), who posthumously rose to prominence. 


His rustic, everyday scenes are celebrated today for their depiction of the Georgia of Pirosmani's lifetime, and he has become one of the country's most beloved artistic figures.

Image by Joe Woods


We reimagined Nikalas paintings drawn on the Georgian feast theme and recreated illustrations. As a result, we got the fresh new look of the modern wine

2020-08-24 (2).png
Image by Tim Mossholder

In Vino Veritas

We have created the unique experience of Georgian history, art and culture. Take this unforgettable  journey and enjoy the every single drop of it.